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From the ACMM Team 

Meet Christine


Christine is a trainer and assessor for our HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage.

Christine has a strong interest in lower limb biomechanics and improving movement efficiency and uses barefoot training with her clients to improve functional stability and improve foot to core relationships. Christine has a keen eye for detail in assessing and treating lumbopelvic pain and instability and providing corrective rehabilitation plans to treat pelvic floor dysfunction.



22316VIC Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy course focuses on further enhancing any clinical assessment and treatment skills that were previously gained in the HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage (or equivalent).


Calling All Athletes


ACMM student clinic has opened a sports massage clinic on Mondays from 10am - 1pm.

$20.00 for 50 minutes.

We are looking for anyone from your average gym goers and weekend warriors right through to elite athletes. 

Call us on 08 9228 4611 to book your appointment.



After completing the HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage, often graduates are left with a thirst for knowledge and want to know more. Personally as an educator and a clinician I feel this way everyday. My passion for the industry drives me to learn as much as I can. This is why I believe continuing education is so valuable for us to be able to provide the best service possible to our clients and constantly update our skill set. The 22316VIC Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy adds so much value to you as a clinician. 

As a qualified remedial massage therapist, You should now be working in the health industry providing remedial massage treatments and getting a further understanding for real conditions, injuries and pain and applying targeted treatment plans all while giving you more hands on experience. The advanced diploma looks at progressing your knowledge in all areas with a more specialised approach. We dive deeper in to the assessment and treatment of clinical presentations and the application of rehabilitation plans. However the most important skill of all, In which is a big focus is clinical reasoning. Understanding the ‘why’ behind why we do what we do. This includes furthering your understanding of mechanisms of injury, pain physiology and how we can provide more specific individualised treatment and rehabilitation plans. This includes incorporating the nervous system including neural provocation testing and neurodynamics. After all, the nervous system is involved in everything we do. In addition, you will learn about the application of myofascial dry needling, joint mobilisation, exercise prescription for rehabilitation and the list goes on.

Once again, sometimes the practical application is the easy part, but being able to explain and clinically reason ‘why’ we are choosing to apply certain treatment plan is important. What affect is that particular treatment having on the neurophysiology and why does it help in pain modulation. 

As you gain more industry experience you improve and get better at assessing injuries and applying manual therapy techniques. If you are lucky enough to work within a large clinic and surround yourself with experienced professionals you can use this for assistance in your career and enhance your professional development, However if you don’t have this luxury there are options of mentorship and professional development workshops available. Choosing to go on and graduate with an 22316VIC Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy gives you a further year of valuable practical training as well as the support of experienced clinicians as your trainers. 

The 22316VIC Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy course is very practical and clinically relevant. So consider how you can be the best therapist with the best training to raise the standard of the industry.

Bodine Ledden
ACMM Course Coordinator


July has been a very busy month at ACMM.

We just had the commencement of a new DLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage intake. It's a great experience watching students learn and seeing the expression on their face when they have the "Ah ha" moment. So, they are very busy diving into two days a week of musculoskeletal anatomy and massage practice in preparation for their weekly clinical practicum commencing in week 8. 

We also have another cohort of students entering into their final term! This is very exciting for ACMM. I have been fortunate enough to watch them grow and develop into exceptional therapists, and share their common passion for helping people.